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Where learning is a way of life.

We are a home education program
designed for responsible parents
seeking security and simplicity in
home school administrative support.


The Way Home Christian School is a
Church School Ministry of
Journey Church

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The Way Home Christian School was established as a small fellowship of homeschool families in the summer of 1988 in Morgan County. That year, three families joined together and initiated a new church school under Christian Life Church in Priceville, Alabama. Over the years the program has been sponsored by several churches as we moved from Priceville to rural Morgan County. We have been affiliated with Journey Church in Eva, AL since January 2003. You can visit Journey Church for more information about our church home and family.

Embrace it, Experience it, Enjoy it, Endure it, and Exalt Christ Jesus in all of it.

We owe a great deal of thanks to many people over the years who have chosen to follow their hearts and support home educators through the ministry of WHCS. Many of these friends have been inspired and pursued on with their own works in the field of home education. Others have graduated their children and just moved on to new works. For all of them we pray a blessing of God in the name of Christ Jesus on their lives and families.

This work could not function without the support of our coordinators listed in the Area Coordinators section of this site and other volunteers not listed who are actively involved in support group activities in their communities. Please bless them when you have opportunity and get involved as much as you can.

My wife Martha and I were married June 28,1980 both of us having a committed relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We purposed with our lives to serve together as "one flesh" united in the Lord and we continue to do so today. We embraced one of the most important purposes of marriage and that is to raise children. Our first son was born in April 1982. Originally we planned 3 children but after that third child we felt that the Lord wanted us to have more and more we had. We have ten children, 4 boys and 6 girls. As of May 2012, our youngest child is nine, our oldest is 30, and we have six graduates from High School and the rest in K-12.

Stuart and Martha Whitney

Home education is a way of life for us and it's not all about teaching our children academics. "School" doesn't begin and end with a bell in our house. Every waking moment is a learning opportunity whether we are diligently studying or playing in the back yard. Home education is as much about training us as parents as it is about us directing our children's education. The ultimate goal is for each of us to be "fit for the Master's use" each and every day of our lives.

Colette, Josiah, Autumn, Shiloh, Seth, Spring, Hannah, Opal, Martha, Stuart, Aubriana, Pearl, Levi, Noah, Dillon
(left to right, top to bottom)

Another aspect of our lives includes a home business, Health In Hand Inc., which was birthed through my wife Martha's passion for understanding God's creative work in nature and His provision for healing the human body. A home business is a great extension to the home school experience. It teaches real life social skills. It is healthy for children to be around a business activity whether it be volunteer service or home business. The benefit to the children is that they see in life the importance of being industrious and the satisfaction of accomplishing goals together as a family. Check out the Health In Hand website and come see us sometime at the Clinic.

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